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Linking the western world to China & vice versa, London is a fantastic choice to learn Mandarin Chinese. Better Mandarin; Better Future!

"Mandarin House is coming to London! China's top-ranked Mandarin school is starting Mandarin classes in London UK in October 2012!


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China's top-ranked Mandarin school is providing high quality Chinese Mandarin classes in London!

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Arguably the most international city in the world, London is a hub for the arts, culture and is the world's leading financial centre. This being the case more and more Chinese companies, students, tourists and opportunities are coming to the UK making understanding Chinese a valuable skill that has never been so much in demand as it is now.

  • China is the world's most dynamic economy today, with average 8% annual growth of GDP, China is becoming one of the biggest players in global business market. China also has over 5,000 years of history and a rich colorful culture. Learning and speaking the language is an essential step towards understanding the people and culture.

Recognising this fact and London's strong reputation for excellence in education, Mandarin House is pleased to announce the opening of Mandarin House London Office. Delivering internationally accredited Mandarin programs in London from professional teachers all trained in the Mandarin House way, you can be assured you will learn Chinese quicker than you could have expected.

Make the wise choice and differentiate yourself from the competition!

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Mandarin House London Chinese School


Learn Chinese in London

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Liverpool street: 154 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4LN, United Kingdom
Russell square: 154 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5JX, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 0793 3004533

Email: info@mandarinhouse.com


Great Learning Outcomes At Mandarin House


This below chart shows you that our curriculum is brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEFR levels, our award-winning textbooks are updated regularly.


  • *Materials and registration will be added to the tuition, Each lesson is 45 minutes;
  • *We run group classes with a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 6 on a first come, first served basis.
  • *Travelling time compensation fee may apply when the class is taken outside of zone 3, please consult us for more details.



Group Chinese Course

  • (G12) Intensive Conversational Chinese Course: Complete one level in 4 weeks
  • You will have 12 conversational lessons per week for 4 weeks.
  • Tuition  1050
  • (G4) Part-time Conversational Chinese Course: Complete one level in 12 weeks
  • You will have 4 conversational lessons per week for 12 weeks.
  • Tuition  1050
  • (G18) Intensive Comprehensive Chinese Course: Complete one level in 4 weeks
  • You will have 12 conversational lessons + 6 Chinese Character lessons per week for 4 weeks.
  • Tuition 1570


  • *Part-time class has weekday evening session and weekend session available, Intensive class has morning or afternoon sessions available.

Beginners have a monthly starting date,non-beginners can join every Monday.

Please Contact Us to check the schedules, or call us anytime at +44 0793 3004533.


Private Tutoring

Tailored specifically to fit your schedule, our 1-to-1 lessons are perfect for busy individuals. These classes take place at your preferred location and at your convenience. It takes approximately 22.5 hours of private tuition to complete one level *Please note that students are expected to self-study per week. We strongly advise that students study for a minimum of 2 lessons at any one time.

  • Package of 30 lessons: £50(Out of campus, within Zone 3), £60(In campus) per lesson
  • Package of 60 lessons: £45(Out of campus, within Zone 3), £55(In campus) per lesson
  • Package of 90 lessons: £40(Out of campus, within Zone 3), £50(In campus) per lesson
  • Trial session: £40 for 30 minutes
  • Business Mandarin

China is the world’s second-largest economy. China’s population, market, industries and trade are all booming and it is the new land of opportunity. This makes learning Mandarin for business purposes an extremely valuable investment for your future.

Available at all levels, our business Chinese courses teach Chinese language through a variety of relevant business topics in the Chinese context, and will expose you to an overview of China's changing environment and current business practices.

Find out a study plan suits your needs and schedule by Contact Us!


Bespoke & Corporate Private Course

If you would like an industry specific tailored course, we will provide you with a tutor with experience working in your field to work closely with you to create a custom designed study plan according to your requirements and overall objectives. 

Please call +44 0793 3004 533 or contact info@mandarinhouse.com to make an appointment, our professional course consultants are just one phone call away!



Family Chinese Teacher


Ideal for kids between 2 to 18 years old. Tailored specifically to fit your schedule, our Family Mandarin Teachers are perfect for busy parents. The courses will take place at your location and for your convenience. All teachers hold Bachelor's degree or above. They are well-educated native Mandarin speakers with great understanding of international culture and manners. Many of them have rich experiences in training A-LEVEL, IB, GCSE, and helping students prepare for YCT, HSK tests.

  • Package of 10 afternoons: £150 per afternoon
  • Package of 20 afternoons: £140 per afternoon
  • Trial session: £50 for 60 minutes

*Each afternoon is 180 minutes. Each package is valid for 3 calendar months.



2017 London Summer Camp


Learn not only Chinese Language, but also Chinese life and culture; make friends from all around the world!

Receiving 100’s of children from 30 nationalities each year, Mandarin House Summer Camp Programs are for children aged between 5 to 15 years old.

Our experienced, qualified teachers share Chinese life through Mandarin lessons, cultural workshops, activities ensuring a valuable head-start for each child’s future.

Learn more about Mandarin House Summer Camp in London from the following resources and reserve seat now!

Half Day Camp 5+ yrs £450 per week
Camp Start Date 26 Jun, 10 Jul, 24Jul, 7 Aug(Summer Camp).
School Day Schedule 9:15 to 12:30 from Monday to Friday (Half-day camp)
Condition Of Registration Registration Form, Waiver, Terms & Conditions, Medical Record, Copy of Insurance Policy.
Price Do Not Include Passport, visa, airfares, travel or medical related insurance, personal spending money, additional expenses for non-program related activities.


  Half Day Camp
Registration Y
20 language lessons per week Y
Textbook and materials Y
Language proficiency certificate Y
  • We also provide Summer Camp (Half day/Full day) in Hong Kong and Mainland China, please feel free to contact us for more information.





Learning a new language can be intimidating but with Mandarin House, you join a community of 20,000+ like-minded individuals who help you on your journey. We keep that community in tact through events and meet-ups all around the city of London.

“I thought the course was very good and well structured, the teacher was very good too and her English was excellent which helps a lot. I enjoyed it very much…” – Mo, Britain

“Mandarin House is very professionally run with great, attentive staff prepared to take care of you 24/7. The teachers are very committed professionals. The curriculum is well designed too and unlike some of the textbooks in the US, Mandarin House’s lessons are all immediately applicable to life!” – Mike, USA

“I am amazed at how quickly I was able to understand and communicate… The teachers are great and make learning fun.” -Mercedes, Argentina

At Mandarin House we want to provide you with one thing… Quality.

We are proud to have won international awards and reached the strictest quality accreditation standards.


Why Mandarin House?


Quality, Reputation and Constant Pursuit of Excellence. Our vision is to share Chinese language & culture with the world!

Have a look at our accreditations and awards here.


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For any inquiries, please contact info@mandarinhouse.com.

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