Mandarin House is coming to London! China's top-ranked Mandarin school is starting Chinese classes in London UK in October 2012!

Mandarin House London:

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Arguably the most international city in the world, London is a hub for the arts, culture and is the world's leading financial centre. This being the case more and more Chinese companies, students, tourists and opportunities are coming to the UK making understanding Chinese a valuable skill that has never been so much in demand as it is now.

  • China is the world's most dynamic economy today, with average 8% annual growth of GDP, China is becoming one of the biggest players in global business market. China also has over 5,000 years of history and a rich colorful culture. Learning and speaking the language is an essential step towards understanding the people and culture.

Recognising this fact and London's strong reputation for excellence in education, Mandarin House is pleased to announce the opening of Mandarin House London Office. Delivering internationally accredited Mandarin programs in London from professional teachers all trained in the Mandarin House way, you can be assured you will learn Chinese quicker than you could have expected.

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