Learning Mandarin in Mandarin House, Enjoying Dynamic Life in Shanghai


Shanghai is a dynamic city filled with opportunities and miracles. It serves as a bridge connecting China and the world. People living in Shanghai can be easily affected by the atmosphere of thousands of years of history while simultaneously benefitting from its rapid development. Shanghai, as a pearl shining for a million miles is like a magnet attracting people around the world to work or to live here.

As more and more foreigners gather in Shanghai, Shanghai has become a metropolis with a cross-cultural air. Shanghai is a perfect place to study Mandarin thanks to its supportive environment, like schools, libraries, and its unique culture. Mandarin House offers foreigners the best quality of Mandarin education. Located in the heart of Shanghai, Mandarin House provides learners with a chance to experience Chinese traditional culture as well as the modern and fashionable atmosphere. With many years of experience in teaching Mandarin, Mandarin House has launched distinctive classes according to learners’ individual situations. Flexible time and effective courses address learners’ concern regarding lack of time or inefficiency of learning.

Mandarin House employs its unique teaching method that combines theory with practical use which will let learners get more familiar with Chinese in just 30 days. Vivid introduction and explanations will be applied during class which will easily leave a deep impression in learners’ minds. Learn Mandarin in Mandarin House and enjoy a dynamic life in Shanghai.



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