By living, learning, playing and practicing Chinese language together with classmates, teachers and a live-in monitor for 24 hours a day, teenagers will learn interpersonal and linguistic skills that last a lifetime and make friends from all over the world!

For ages 13 to 19, give your child the summer of their lives and register their place for the Summer Residence Camp.


Chinese Language Class

Total immersion learning program with 20 language lessons a week. Mandarin House has designed a unique, child-friendly curriculum specifically for young people to learn Chinese as quick and as fun as possible!

Cultural Activities

Designed specifically for kids to learn Chinese through experience. They include Chinese cooking, Chinese sport (Ping Pong, Kung Fu), Chinese art (calligraphy, painting, opera masks, papercut), and much more.

Excursion and Day-trip

Every Saturday there is an organized excursion. On Sunday and evenings, your kids will have time for self study, exploration of the city and have fun, always accompanied by camp monitors.

Meals for Residence Campers

A Chinese style lunch is provided between Monday to Saturday. Snacks are offered between classes. At other times, your kids will share meals with the camp monitors and schoolmates experiencing the city's Chinese food.

Residence Camp Accommodation

Residence apartments are generally 5-20 minutes distance by walk or subway. Camp monitors remain with the group 24/7 ensuring 'safety first and safety always' policy.

Summer Program Team

The program director and head coordinator are assisted by dedicated and experienced professionals including activity coordinators, language teachers and monitors.

To apply for Residence Camp, please complete our online registration.

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