Established in 2004, Mandarin House is a pioneer of the Chinese language industry and was established to provide a more personal, flexible alternative to universities.

Mandarin House was the first private Chinese school in China to:

  1. Develop its own structured, holistic curriculum based on the fundamental principle of providing real-life Chinese communication training.
  2. Offer junior courses including China’s first summer camps and self-developed junior curriculum also focused on real-life Chinese.
  3. Introduce the widely accepted operation model for group class programs seen in private schools across China today.
  4. Be internationally quality accredited by IALC
  5. Be shortlisted and also the first to win LTM’s World Language Provider of the Year.
  6. Host a major international language abroad conference.

World-Class Curriculum

Self-developed and brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEF levels, our curriculum is designed to introduce you to real-life Chinese quicker than you thought possible and it is regularly updated based on the feedback from our students and teachers. Programs at Mandarin House include group classes for a minimum of 8 sub-levels of Chinese competency, private lessons, business Chinese, HSK preparation, work experience, junior summer programs, study tours and more.

Dedicated Education Department

Mandarin House has a separate Education Department for the publication and revision of our teaching materials and curriculum, teacher training and content development.

We welcome you to study at our schools in Beijing, Shanghai, or London and invite you to register with us today

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