With over 200 qualified and fully trained teachers nationwide with a combined average Chinese teaching experience of 5,000 hours, we will assign you a teacher that can meet you at your time and your location; whether that be the office, home or school.

Our business curriculum covers business topics in the modern Chinese context and will expose you to an overview of China's changing environment and current business practices.

We design a customised learning plan for each student according to their study needs and goals and can work together with your company to implement their company-specific training directives. Request a Proposal.

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Course Benefits
  1. 1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made executive private tutoring lessons
  1. Most flexible option and suited to busy lifestyles
  1. Delivered any time and any location
  1. Focusing solely on your learning requirements
  1. You can choose from our comprehensive ‘living’ or ‘business’ curriculum
  1. Quality, experienced teacher selected to best fulfill your Chinese goals

 Executive Private Tuition(1-on-1) Prices in RMB

1 level/50 lessons 11900
2 levels/100 lessons 21900
3 levels/150 lessons 31900


  Executive Private Tuition(1-on-2) Prices in RMB

1 level/50 lessons 16900
2 levels/100 lessons 29900
3 levels/150 lessons 43900


Executive Private Tuition(1-on-3 to 5) Prices in RMB

1 level/50 lessons 21900
2 levels/100 lessons 37900
3 levels/150 lessons 55900


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For any other enquiries please contact info@mandarinhouse.com

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