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How are you holding up these days? It's certainly a different world now, and we're all doing our best to find our new normal. A lot of us are cooking more, taking up new hobbies or even getting more ambitious with 30 day workout challenges. These are all good things, as they help us feel better about ourselves as we develop new useful skills and talents.
Have you thought about learning Chinese? Maybe you've already learned a bit but want to brush up on your skills, or perhaps you're starting brand new. Mandarin House are now running a special offer on all Chinese courses –  
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5 Reasons to Study Chinese With Us


With the remaining downtime, have you thought of learning Mandarin online? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Learn Chinese from real teachers
2. Enjoy one-on-one lessons with the teacher of your choice
3. Get access to course materials before the lesson to help you prepare
4. Study when you want to
5. A customized learning experience allows you to shape the curriculum

Choose Your Own Teachers


Did you know that when you study online with Mandarin House you can actually choose your own teachers? Pretty cool, right? Of course all of our teachers are amazing, but a lot of students like the option of choosing their own, perhaps someone that just gets them.
1-on-1 live courses online with experienced teachers. Sign up for a free trial lesson today!

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