6 Chinese Dramas to Watch on Netflix Now

It’s always easier to learn something when you enjoy the process. That’s why learning Chinese can be a bit tedious at times; memorizing new vocabulary, characters, tones etc., the stuff that some might find a bit boring. But what if there was a way that you could improve your Chinese while sitting on the sofa watching TV? Too good to be true?
Watching Chinese TV can become a great part of your Mandarin learning process because it helps combine listening material with visuals, provides insight into Chinese pop culture and ultimately it gives you a taste of what spoken Chinese looks like in real-life situations.
Below are 6 of some great Chinese dramas to watch on Netflix. They’ll be sure to entertain you and help improve your Chinese at the same time (win-win)!

1 - A Love So Beautiful / 致我们单纯的小美好

Pinyin: Zhì Wǒ Mén Dān Chún De Xiǎo Měi Hǎo
Synopsis: The ups and downs of school, family and growing up test the affection between a budding artist and her handsome but indifferent classmate and neighbor.
Starring: Hu Yitian, Shen Yue, Gao Zhi Ting
Year: 2017

2 - Love O2O / 微微一笑很倾城

Pinyin: Wēi Wēi Yī Xiào Hěn Qīng Chéng
Synopsis: When a computer-science major gets dumped by her “husband” in an online role-playing game, she attracts a new proposal from the game’s top player.
Starring: Shuang Zheng, Yang Yang, Rachel Momo
Year: 2016

3 - Meteor Garden / 流星花园

Pinyin: Liúxīng Huāyuán