Popular and Useful APPs for Daily Life in China
Do you have the apps you need to weather the COVID-19 situation? Stay safe by using some of some popular and useful apps for daily life in China.
叮咚买菜 Dingdong
Do you need fresh produce and meat delivered to your door? Look no further than the 叮咚买菜 (Dīngdōng mǎi cài) app. 叮咚买菜 (Dīngdōng mǎi cài) places great importance on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. You can be sure that the quality will be top notch.
Choose from over 1500 products. Load up your cart, pay with your phone, and you'll receive fresh groceries at your door in as little as 30 minutes.
美团外卖 Meituan Delivery
If you're feeling hungry but don't want to leave home, this app has you covered. 美团外卖(Měituán wàimài) connects you to restaurants in your area. Order your next delicious meal and track it using your phone.
Simply download the app, create an account, and 美团外卖(Měituán wàimài) will find restaurants close to your home. Navigate restaurant menus to pick the perfect meal, order and pay, and within minutes you'll be ready to dig in.
盒马 Hema
Alibaba's grocery chain is growing rapidly, and the Hema app lets you order and pay for groceries without ever leaving your home. You can have groceries at your door in less than 30 minutes!
The app is easy to use and has lots of pictures to help you navigate. Hema is a useful app that can keep your home stocked with delicious food, especially since many of us are trying to stay at home.
大众点评 Public Reviews
Do you love to eat the best food, see the best movies, and get the best haircut or manicure? This is the app for you! Read user reviews of all types of services in your area to ensure that you're getting the best products, services, and experiences you can. Find out which businesses you should avoid too.
Simply search for businesses by name to see what other people think. Or let the app help you find the best reviewed restaurants, schools, barber shops, or any other type of business. You deserve the best, and 大众点评(Dàzhòng diǎnpíng) can help you get it!
好大夫在线 Good Doctor Online
At a time when good health is on everyone's mind, use this app to connect with over 200000 public hospital doctors. People use 好大夫 (Hào dàifū) to consult with a doctor, book an appointment, or find out which hospital has the services they need.
You can benefit from direct responses from some of the country's best doctors. Watch video clinics to find out how to improve and protect your health. Fill prescriptions from home with the push of a button.
百度地图 Baidu Maps
Often referred to as the Google Maps of China, Baidu Maps is a must if you need to find your way in a new place. You can download maps to use when you're offline too.
Search for your destination and Baidu Maps will find you the fastest route.
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