Chinese Style Christmas









Western Christmas is a holiday for family reunion with everyone at home together. In China, Christmas is celebrated by young people, but instead of spending it at home with their family, they go out with their friends.

In the west, couples will often dine with candle light and share a big meal, then exchange gifts under the Christmas tree. China, of course, doesn’t have Christmas as a religious tradition, but it is promoted by stores and restaurants. Western restaurants will offer discount couple packages on Christmas Eve, clubs will host semi-formal events, and boutiques promote couple sets of "Christmas scarves" and "Christmas gloves". So, in China the holiday is mainly a way to boost consumption (though this is a major trend in the West as well.)

There are some young people will choose to spend the holiday with friends in bars or KTV. And while Christmas is not an official holiday, many people use it as a reason to relax and enjoy, instead of intense work. Many foreign companies in China now also host a large Christmas party for their staff on Christmas Eve to boost morale and team spirit in the company.

So while Christmas in China does not reflect the religious origins, people still take advantage of the occasion to relax and strengthen relationships.

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