Chinese Phrases for Business Emails




Even if you have an intermediate level of Chinese, you may not be sure how to translate all of the common patterns that we use in business emails. Although this Chinese is very commonly used in the workplace, most materials will focus on spoken business Chinese, while ignoring some of the written formulas that are commonly found in emails. Learn the below phrases and your Chinese will come across as much more professional and polished.


I am writing to enquire about…                 


Wǒ xiě xìn, xiǎng xúnwèn guānyú... de xìnxī.


We are sorry to inform you that…


Hěn bàoqiàn de tōngzhī nín...


Please refer to the attachment.                               


Qǐng cháyuè fùjiàn.


Would you be so kind as to…?                   


Nín shìfǒu nénggòu...?


Thank you for your help in this matter. 


Xièxiè nín zài zhè jiàn shì shàng de bāngmáng.


If you need any additional assistance, please contact me.


Rúguǒ nín xūyào rènhé qítā bāngzhù, qǐng liánxì wǒ.


Kind/Best regards                                           


Zhù hǎo


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