There's an age-old debate over which is better, classroom style learning or private tutoring. A lot depends on your personal learning style, but there are many advantages to having a 1:1 private teacher. Below are the top 5 reasons why learning Chinese 1:1 with a professional Mandarin teacher is a great idea.
#1 Custom Fit
With a private teacher your course is personalized, fitted to your specific needs just like the perfect tailored suit. The teacher can adapt his/her teaching style to specifically suit you, allowing for optimum progress at a comfortable pace. Have you ever been bored in class because you had to wait for other students to catch up? Or have you ever felt left behind because you didn’t understand something, but the teacher kept moving ahead? Personalized activities and conversation avoid this problem entirely, because you are the class! You are both the slowest and fastest student. A 1:1 personal learning experience allows you to focus on what you want, whether it be learning characters, preparing for the HSK, improving speaking fluency etc.
#2 Flexibility
Private tutoring also makes important factors like time and location flexible, allowing your tutor to work around your schedule. Most group classes are held on fixed days of the week, with very little opportunity of variation. But 1:1 teaching isn’t. Having a private teacher can also be cost effective when you consider that if you do it online you can save travel expenses and travel time. Even if you choose to have a private teacher at school, the time you spend learning and practicing the language is far more concentrated than in a classroom setting.
#3 The Right Environment
Private teaching fosters an atmosphere that is both low-stress and free from fear of failure. Have you ever felt embarrassed to speak in front of fellow classmates? Or do you sometimes just not feel like socializing in a large group? 1:1 or 1:2 classes are relaxed and allow for high quality interaction between student and teacher. This facilitates building confidence and higher self-esteem. Having the full attention of a teacher for the entire lesson can help you stay focused and on track.
#4 Choose Your Own Teacher
One size doesn’t fit all, and neither does one teacher fit all students. It’s the difference between ordering Combo #5 and ordering à la carte. A big difference! Your level of experience, learning style and personality are all taken into consideration when finding the right professional teacher for you. If you like your teacher, it’s a lot easier to come to class and learn, right? As the bond with your teacher grows, your academic skills grow as well.
#5 Progress Faster
Years and years of testing have found that 1:1 teaching is more beneficial and productive in terms of results and all-round experience. The teacher can quickly identify your strengths and weakness and come up with a game plan that works for you. The teacher doesn’t need to follow a pre-planned curriculum but instead can focus on helping you reach your potential in the fastest way possible.
It Just Makes Sense
Mandarin House offers 1:1 and 1:2 private tutoring options. Our professional Chinese teachers will provide you with an immersive learning experience, optimizing your Chinese learning time. All Mandarin House teachers are:
✔️ Degree Qualified
✔️ Bilingual
✔️ Comprehensively Trained
✔️ Average of 5,000 Chinese Teaching Hours (each)
✔️ Friendly, passionate & professional
Without the distraction of other classmates, you can focus all your attention on learning. You have the opportunity to be self-driven and not rely on your peers for help.

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