Homestay in China

Living in your own single room and sharing the home, conversation, meals and daily activities with your Chinese host family.

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Living in a new culture away from home doesn’t need to be a headache, but should be an adventure - a comfortable, friendly and safe adventure.

Small things we do like registering your arrival at the local police station, washing your bed sheets, a regular cleaning service and an option of airport pick-up/drop-off and visa services are all designed to help you accommodate to Chinese life fast. Leaving you free to concentrate on your studies and more time to enjoy the experience.

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Homestay in China

Do you want the complete China experience?

Aside from your own single room, you will be sharing life with a Chinese family at their home. Through conversation, meals and daily activities shared with your host family, this is the perfect way to put your Chinese into practice and learn more about modern Chinese life and culture. You will learn Chinese language and culture through daily life making this is the best option for a full immersive experience.

Other Services included

  1. Single Room: Bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, bed linen and blanket.
  2. Kitchen: Fridge, microwave, stove, pans and cutlery, washing machine, TV and air-conditioning 


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