Did you know that ‘there are more people actively learning a language online than in the entire American public school system?’ 


It's true! Technology has changed the way we live, laugh, and learn languages. Have you tried to learn a language online? There are many advantages that online learning has over the traditional classroom setting. But is it right for you?


Learn At Your Own Pace



Learning a language can be one of the most beneficial and enriching tasks that you've ever undertaken. It comes with a cost, though—time, and a lot of it. 


Unfortunately for language lovers the world over, not many people have the luxury of boatloads of free blocks in their schedule. Fixed class times and long commutes to school are barriers that render learning a new language unobtanium for many.


Enter online language learning. Online learning is all about tailoring education to fit your needs, interests, and schedule. Are you a morning person? Wake up early and get your day off to a linguistic start. 


I'm more of a night owl myself. That's why I study just before I go to bed. I call the shots for when and how long I learn, and you can too.



Take the Classroom With You



Another distinct advantage of e-learning is portability. If we can have our music and TV shows on demand at our fingertips, why not our language classes?


With online learning, you're no longer tethered to a physical location. That means you can study while heading to work, on vacation, or during family dinner at the in-laws. Pass the potatoes while learning to count in Chinese.


Alone But Not Lonely



Online learning is most effective when you have a live teacher to help you navigate your language journey.


With Mandarin House's online classes, you can book 1-on-1 live sessions with highly skilled native Chinese teachers at a time convenient for you. They'll give you real time feedback and help you reach your language goals.


Find out more about how our online classes can help you learn Chinese at a time and place convenient for you. Why not try a free trial session today?

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