China's Holiday Schedule 2015


There are 12 official China's holidays in 2015, one more than 2014, excluding days off on weekends and makeup working days. China has seven legal holidays in a year, three days off on the calendar New Year, seven days off for Chinese New Year, two days for Tomb-Sweeping Festival, three days for Labour Day holiday and Dragon Boat Festival, one day for Mid-Autumn Festival, then seven days off on the National Day holiday in October. Regular weekends are included in these vacations. This new calendar includes makeup working days. See below for the full calendar of holidays and make up weekends.

Hope it can help you make a good plan.

New Year's Day: January 1 - 3 (makeup working day: January 4)
Chinese New Year:  February 18 - 24 (makeup working days: February 15 and 28)
Tomb-Sweeping Festival:  April 5 - 6
Labour Day:  May 1 - 3
Dragon Boat Festival:  June 20 - 22
Mid-Autumn Festival:  September 27
National Day:  October 1 - 7 (makeup working day: October 10)


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