After School Chinese Courses for Kids & Teens

Mandarin House offers year round junior courses at all levels for kids & teens to achieve their future learning goals.

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Do you think Chinese is a difficult language to learn?

At Mandarin House, we are certainly aware of the challenges our young learners may face, from our experience, then through our unmatched teaching staff and updated learning materials, your child will find Mandarin is not so difficult and they will be speaking Chinese before you know it!

Our junior Mandarin Chinese courses have been carefully designed from the ground-up, basing the curriculum and personal learning approach around modern pedagogy methods and the valuable feedback received from our countless students and teachers.

Mandarin House Chinese Course for Kids & Teens Level Description

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After School Junior Chinese Course

Conversational Chinese

A great way to learn the communication essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills, giving young learners confidence to speak Chinese

Chinese Characters

Characters are an essential part of Chinese culture and language and by learning them your child get a deeper understanding of the language and the mysteries behind a writing system.

Cultural Fun Activities
  1. Chinese calligraphy
  2. Cooking workshop
  3. Water painting
  4. Chinese martial art
  1. Small classes, maximum 6 students
  1. Afternoon or weekend timetable
  1. International students mix
  1. Learn practical and essential Mandarin skills
  1. Fun, interactive teaching method
  1. Flexible intake and start dates
After School Junior Chinese Course


Group Class Schedule


Weekend Junior Course: Complete one level in 24 weeks
Your child will study 2 lessons per week for 24 weeks.

Afternoon Junior Course: Complete one level in 24 weeks
Your child will study 2 lessons per week for 24 weeks.


YCT Chinese Language Proficiency Test for Young Learners



YCT is an international standardization of Chinese language proficiency test that can test the ability to use Chinese of primary and middle school students in daily life and learning.

一、  考试等级 Test Level


Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 1 can understand and use the most common words and sentences and have a foundation for the further study of Chinese.


Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 2 can understand and use some very simple words and sentences to fulfill specific communication needs.


Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 3 can communicate simply and directly on daily topics they are familiar with. Level 3 have reached the advanced stage of beginner level.


Examination candidates who reach YCT-Level 4 can complete basic communication tasks in daily life, study and work. If traveling in China, Level 4 can handle most communication tasks they encounter.

二、  考试成绩 Test Result


YCT is an authority proof of the primary and middle school students' Chinese ability .Examination candidates can log in to check the results after a month and get the Score Report Awarded by Confucius Institute Head quarter/NOCFL from exam sites they had test after another month.

1.可为考生了解、提高自己的汉语能力提供参考依据。A reference base for examination candidates to know and improve their Mandarin ability.

2.可为学校的汉语教学提供参考依据。A reference base for school’s Mandarin teaching.

3.可为相关汉语教学单位、培训机构评价教学或培训成效提供参考依据。A reference base for related Chinese teaching or training institutions to assess their teaching or training.

4.可为考生参加HSK考试提供参考依据。A reference base for examination candidates who will attend the HSK test.



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