Mandarin House Students Participate in Global Times Tongue Twister Contest


Mandarin House students recently particpated in the Global Times Tongue Twister Contest for Foreigners. The contest aims at encouraging non-Chinese speakers to use the language and improve their spoken Chinese.

Lots of Mandarin House students performed well in this friendly competition. Take a look at their best performances here:

About Chinese Tongue Twisters 绕口令 (rào kǒu lìng)

Like English, the Chinese also have fun tongue twisters. A true master of the language can recite these phrases with ease. Here is a basic Mandarin Chinese tongue twister for you to try: 


Chī pútao bù tǔ pú tao pí. Bù chī pú tao dào tǔ pú tao pí er.

“If you eat a grape, spit out the grape’s skin. If you don’t eat a grape, don’t spit out the skin.”

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