Mandarin House’s Top 5 Chinese Christmas Words


merry christmas in chinese


Mandarin House wants to wish all of you hardworking students out there, studying Mandarin a very Merry Christmas. To celebrate this special time of year, we wanted to provide you with some Christmas inspired, Chinese vocabulary. Check out our top five Mandarin Chinese, Christmas words below:

Number 1: Christmas, 圣诞节, shèngdànjié

Because Chinese is such a logical language, the most important word to learn is Christmas. With this as a base you can create lots of cool Chinese Christmas words. The Chinese characters here literally mean “Holy Birthday Festival.”

Number 2: Christmas Eve, 圣诞夜, shèngdànyè

The second most important Christmas Chinese word is, in our opinion, Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve translates as “Holy Birthday Night.”

Number 3: Father Christmas, 圣诞老人, shèngdànlǎorén

What would Christmas be without Father Christmas? Because of the fantastically logical nature of the Chinese language, to make the word Father Christmas all we do is combine the characters for “Christmas” (圣诞, shèngdàn) with the characters for “old man” (老人lǎorén) and we have Father Christmas.

Number 4: Christmas Card, 圣诞卡, shèngdànkǎ

Ok, so Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sending cards. The problem is though if you’re are a student in China it is not easy to know where to buy Christmas cards from. Don’t worry though you can find them, you just need to know the word and ask.

Number 5: Snowman, 雪人, xuěrén

If you are lucky enough to have a white Chinese Christmas, then one thing you have to do is make a snowman. So how do you say it in Chinese? Simple. Simply combine the character for snow with the character for person and we have “snow person” or snowman.

So there we go Mandarin House’s Top 5 Christmas, Chinese words. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas (圣诞快乐, shèngdàn kuàilè) and a Happy New Year (新年快,乐xīnnián kuàilè).

If you would like to find out more about Christmas in China contact us here.

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