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Mandarin House for over a decade has promoted cultural learning and Chinese language within China, and actively world-wide via the internet.
MH Schools values student feedback and prioritizes student needs. To maintain classroom satisfaction and support for students, we have conducted a survey to gain a clear understanding of how standards are met and exceeded as well as highlight which areas Mandarin House online educational services excel.
Our survey takers, consisting of both current and former students, shared their experiences with Mandarin House, their satisfactory with courses, and opinions on MH facilities in general.
For starters, many students first learned about Mandarin House through a variety of ways, mainly via google, through referrals, word of mouth, networking and advertisements.
Our survey info suggests many students are comfortable with taking classes three to five times a week, and the majority of students enroll for courses with a length of three months to six months.
The percentages are reflective of online course popularity. Intensive online courses will include daily classes and more hours of study in a short amount of time than compared to part-time students or full-time students enrolled in standard online courses that needs a schedule of 3 months or more for completion.
Fulfillment for students studying at Mandarin House schools remains priority. Both quality support and the teaching instructions from teachers has been reviewed with good feedback.
These reviews infer that the teaching staff are amongst the friendliest, and they often go beyond the call of duty to ensure students can learn with efficiency. In regards to Mandarin House representatives and consultants, they are helpful when it comes to finding a course plan for students, and answering all inquiries.
We asked our student base of survey takers about their expectations with Mandarin House. The majority of students responded with satisfied votes and disclosed that their expectations were met or were exceeded.
Over 80% of students are willing to continue studying with Mandarin House and renew their program while some former students are willing to return to Mandarin House at a later period. Over 90% of survey takers would recommend MH schools to their friends to learn about China and study Mandarin.
Want to know what is even more satisfactory? A prize for our survey takers for participating, and giving their input. Check below to see if you are one of our lucky prize winners for this month's survey. They win 3 online private lessons!
Lucky Winner
A*** Rolet
X*** Teng
Once again, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who have participated in this survey. To not miss out on the next survey, be sure to follow Mandarin House's official social media accounts.
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