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Our dedicated VIP Department and account managers work direct with your team guaranteeing unbeatable service.

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Unlike other Chinese schools, Mandarin House has a dedicated VIP department and separate teaching department work  for servicing our corporate partners. With every corporate partner having their own account manager, Mandarin House provides world-class, personalised service and has the expertise to implement company-specific training directives.

Client Benefits

  1. Convenience

Lessons are delivered at your desired location. Mandarin House deals with scheduling and can create a flexible timetable taking into account busy schedules

  1. Control                    

Progress tests are held periodically providing you with developmental reports that document attendance and progress to show how your employees are progressing. This allows your company to monitor the lessons and make future plans - with the aim of best utilizing the investment

  1. Cost Effective  

Corporate rates are applicable for agreed company clients.

Work Flow

Proposal Implementation
Learning enquiry from client Complete registration procedure and meet the teacher

Mandarin House professional account manager meets with client to discuss specific Chinese learning program details including goals and objectives
Communication and feedback among teacher, student and course consultant
Satisfaction survey every month
Tailor-make a proposal for client based on client’s specifications and requirements Mid-term test and learning assessment
Client confirms the proposal Final test and next level learning proposal


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