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China is the world's most dynamic economy and China is becoming one of the biggest players in global business. Get Ahead. Learn Mandarin!

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Non-beginners Start Date:

Any monday(to schedule a free placement test, please call us at +1 646 460 5008)


World-Class Curriculum

Unlike the archaic, academic coursework offered by many universities, Mandarin House has developed its own curriculum designed to introduce and help you master modern, everyday Chinese communication through real-life situations.

With a dedicated education department made of best Mandarin teachers and through the feedback of our students, we are consistently revising  our learning materials and teaching approaches, ensuring you will learn Chinese quicker and speak better than you thought possible.

Mandarin House




MH 1

HSK Level 1 A1 Novice Low

MH 2

HSK Level 2 A2 Novice Mid

MH 3

HSK Level 3 B1 Intermediate Low

MH 4

HSK Level 4 B2 Intermediate Mid

MH 5

HSK Level 5 C1 Intermediate High

MH 6

HSK Level 6 C2 Advanced




The Mandarin House DIFFERENCE:“Immersive Learning Experience”


learn chinese

“Growing your Chinese the MH Way”

“At Mandarin House you will be able to speak better Chinese from the first class! Our students are always amazed at how fast they learn!”


Old learning materials out-dated topics and vocabularies.
Teaching based on the textbook only.
Part-time teachers without professional training or teaching certificate.
Students say "Chinese is too difficult to learn."
Learning materials: self-developed learning materials with modern topics and vocabularies, updated every year.
Teaching methods: concepts, practice, role-play, group discussion, multi-media, projects, cultural activities and excursions, business networking and workshops, etc.
Teachers: Full-time teachers with teaching certificates, professional pre-job training, orientation and on-site training. Evaluation every month to ensure MH high quality teaching results.
Students feedback: "I can speak better and more Chinese every class, I am amazed how fast that I improve!"


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