First Lady Michelle Learn to Write Chinese Calligraphy


Chinese calligraphy is more than just a way of writing Chinese characters. It is a widely practiced art that dates back to the beginning of China’s 5,000 year old history and is sincerely revered in the Chinese cultural sphere. As an art the meaning of the “word” does not matter as much as how the writer communicates the spirit and the flavor of his or her style. Strong, delicate, or quick strokes allow the viewer to understand the author’s message.

Learning Chinese calligraphy is a great way to solidify or begin your language learning and you will be grasping basic principles and applying them with care and grace. Calligraphy gives you the unique opportunity to learn the language and culture of China at the same time. Everyone begins with the “four treasures” of ancient Chinese study, the brush-pen, paper, ink, and ink stone which were so valuable that they were sometimes made with jade, agate, and coral. After learning to write Chinese characters properly and with style you will never fail to impress native readers.

On her first-ever trip to China Michelle Obama took in some of the country’s most famous tourist attractions. During this education and culture focused tour Mrs. Obama met with Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who showed the American first lady how to hold a writing brush and learn Chinese calligraphy during a visit to a traditional Chinese class. While attempting to write the Chinese character for "eternal", Obama declared herself "nervous," The Associated Press reported. "Don't be nervous," Peng told her in English. At the end of the visit Peng presented the calligraphy to the first lady as a present to commemorate her trip.

Mandarin House holds Chinese calligraphy activity every week, All friends are welcome to join. Get to konw more about Chinese calligraphy as first lady!

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