A statistic that needs some mulling over: We spend an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. Over the course of a year, that's more than 100 days of Internet usage.


Approximately half of this time is spent on a mobile device. So, given that we're collectively investing so much time into being connected, how are we using these hours, days, weeks, and months?


Unsurprisingly, Social Media Eats Up the Most Time



People spend an average of 2 hours and 16 minutes each day on social media. It's gotta be scrolling through those endless feeds! That chunk of time means that users spend roughly one-seventh of their waking hours on social media.


The average social media user has accounts on more than eight social media platforms. No wonder so much time is eaten up by social media! Keeping up to date is hard work.


Mobile Games Playing for Keeps



Gaming, especially on cell phones, is now taking up 12% of our time online. Over the course of a week, the average user spends more than five and a half hours gaming.


That number isn't going down anytime soon. Games are huge money makers and developers want to keep users glued to their screens. Remember masses of people walking around cities trying to catch the shiny? It's still a thing.


Streaming More Videos Than Ever Before



A heck of a lot more! People spend about seven hours every day streaming videos. That's nearly a day of work. That's four movies. That's almost a whole season of Friends. And most significantly, that's a whole lot of cat videos.


How Can We Be More Productive Online?


It's hard, I know… But there are ways to use your time online in productive ways. You could learn a new word every day, improve your speed reading and comprehension, watch a TED Conference video, learn 'how stuff works', or read a book.


Might we suggest an alternative? More people than ever are learning a language using online apps and courses.


At Mandarin House, we offer many online courses that will help you learn a new language and make better use of your time online. 

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