How to pour and drink tea in China


Tea Ceremony is very common is China, Do you konw how to drink tea like a Chinese people?

Drink Tea in China

The basic tea drinking steps:

1 Put loose leaf tea in a teapot.
2 Put boiling water in teapot.
3 Cover teapot.
4 Wait for 3~5 minutes.
5 Pour some tea from the teapot to your cup, if the color is not rich enough, you should throw the tea away as it is not as tasteful.
6 Depending on the tea, you might want to dispose of the whole pot because the second brew is better for some tea.
7 People don`t use sugar or milk when drink tea.

There’s a proper way to pour and drink it. It’s polite to pour from those around you by taking the teapot handle in your right hand and then placing your left hand on the lid. This shows that you are honouring the person you are pouring for and keeps the lid from falling off. The youngest person should pour tea for everyone. Pour tea to the oldest one first, pour tea to yourself last. After you finish pouring the tea, put the teapot down, and make sure the pouring end (the spout) is not pointing at anybody (impolite), and the handle should always be facing you.

Young people like use tea bags, if you are served with a cup of tea with a tea bag inside, let it sit inside for 3-4 minutes or however strong you like before removing them with your teaspoon and placing on the saucer.

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