How to use Chinese Mandarin Phrase: 随便


随便(suí biàn) is frequently used in Chinese daily life. It has lots of meanings in different occasions.

When you can't make a choice, like deciding which restaurant to eat, you can say 随便(suíbiàn). In this occasion, 随便(suíbiàn) means "I can't decide which one" or "You choose a restaurant, it's OK for me".

When you are shopping in a store, A friendly salesman come to ask you what you want. If you just want to look around, not really want to buy anything, you can say “我随便看看(wǒ suíbiànkàn)”. 我随便看看(wǒ suíbiàn kànkàn) means just looking around, not really want to buy something.

随便(suíbiàn) is also frequently used for pacifying. If a supervisor and his employee having a conversation, supervisor can use the sentence “只是随便聊聊(zhǐshì suíbiàn liáoliáo)” to eliminate tension. 只是随便聊聊(zhǐshì suíbiàn liáoliáo) means just a casual talk, take it easy.

When you were at your friend’s house, you might have heard these two phrases: 随便坐(suíbiànzuò), 随便吃(suíbiànchī). 随便坐(suíbiànzuò) means please sit down, and make yourself at home. 随便吃(suíbiànchī) means please help yourself to eat.

“随便(suíbiàn)”also means do as you wish. Like 对于这件事(duìyú zhèjiànshì),我没意见(wǒ méi yìjiàn),你随便处理吧(nǐ suíbiàn chǔlǐ ba), means do this thing as you with, it is fine with me.

When you are using “随便(suíbiàn)” to describe someone, or his/her behavior, then you’re expressing a negative impression. It is very rude to describe a young lady as “随便(suíbiàn)”, which means she is kind of an easy girl. If you describe someone's decision “随便(suíbiàn)”, that means the decision is thoughtless.

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