First HSK Exam hosted at Mandarin House


On September 8th, Mandarin House hosted its first HSK exam as a registered testing center, recognized by Hanban.

After hard work and efforts, Chinese learners can attend the Chinese Proficency Level Test (HSK) at Mandarin House.

What can you do with the HSK?


  1. Understand you Chinese level!
  2. Prepare to enrol at a Chinese university!
  3. Ad to your resume and job prospects!

The school offers as special class curriculum to prepare for the test, from the intensive group class HSK 35, to private tutoring focusing on getting ready to achieve the best results.

Get ready and register for the next HSK exam with Mandarin House:

Upcoming Test Dates:

October 21     (Levels 1-6)   Beijing & Shanghai

December 2 (Levels 1-6) Beijing & Shanghai

For more information about the HSK test click here.

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