Karaoke is one of the most common forms of Chinese entertainment.

Today, Chinese young people increasingly prefer to show their individuality and self-expression through music. As such, karaoke has been welcomed by many young people and they will go to KTVs, which in addition to karaoke also provide a buffet and beverage service. During weekends and holidays KTV establishments are very popular with business people and people without reservations will have to queue.

In addition to the entertainment and leisure, karaoke has become a part of the business culture in China. Salespeople will invite their clients or important contacts to dinner to discuss an issue and then go to the KTV together to sing, show their personal charm and decrease the distance between each other for the sake of doing business.

Recently, more and more foreigners have taken a liking to karaoke. Aside from the natural interest of young foreigners, some KTVs will even hire foreigners to sing with their guests as a promotional tool. Tipsy patrons love to see a blond foreigner singing "Legend", "Fairy Tale" or some other popular Chinese song. Seems that some foreigners have really adopted the attitude of when in Rome…

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