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Did you know that more than half of YouTube users use the video platform to learn things? It's true! Many people are turning to YouTube to help them learn how to play guitar, bake sourdough bread, or even learn languages.

Why Do Videos Work?
Many learners spend a lot of time building a foundation in grammar, learning tenses and conjugations until they're blue in the face. But then when it comes to having a conversation IRL, they struggle. Why? 
Simply put, textbooks deprive students of vital audio and visual input. Listening is such a vital part of the learning process. It's why immersion works well. That's where videos come in. Videos enable learners to watch and listen to native speakers. It's the next best thing to immersion, allowing you to benefit from exposure to real dialogue without ever leaving your home.
Music Videos
Ever had a song stuck in your head? Music has a way of entering our brains and staying there. Use this to your advantage by listening to popular Chinese songs. You'll be sure to learn new vocab and remember them long after the music fades out. Singers that speak clearly and slowly are best, and many videos have lyrics on the screen to help you along.
你笑起来真好看 Nǐ xiào qǐlái zhēn hǎokàn
世界那么大还是遇见你 Shìjiè nàme dà háishì yùjiàn nǐ
我还是从前那个少年 Wǒ háishì cóngqián nàge shàonián




Get ready to appreciate movies! YouTube hosts a wide range of Chinese movies. Some cartoon movies, such as Nezha, are suitable for learners. Or if you're an intermediate or advanced learner, try something aimed at the Chinese audience, like The Mermaid. You'll find that these videos can keep you learning even when you're tired.
哪吒 Nézha
美人鱼 Měirényú
唐人街探案 Tángrénjiē tàn'àn




TV Series
If you feel your Chinese is good, check out the Zhenhuan series. It can look a bit dated, but it's a good resource. You can also use the series to gauge your progress. See how much you can understand during your first viewing and then return a few weeks or months later. You'll love seeing tangible evidence of how much you've improved!
甄嬛传 Zhēnhuán zhuàn
爱情公寓 Àiqíng gōngyù
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