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Is it even possible? At Mandarin House, we think that you can learn a lot in 60 seconds! That’s why we’ve set up a TikTok account to help you learn Chinese using small windows of time.
Follow the @mandarinhouse account for short videos that help you learn all sorts of useful vocabulary directly from a friendly native speaker, complete with character and pinyin captions to make sure you don’t miss anything. The short format works great for those of us that struggle to focus. (I’m not pointing any fingers. :)   
Check out what you could be learning on TikTok with Mandarin House:
Days of the Week
Seven days in less than a minute? You bet! Lina walks you through each day, shows and tells you how to say them clearly, and even gives you a trick to remember Sunday. There's a helpful phrase included at the end to help learners see the word in a sentence.
7 Common Chinese Mistakes
Learn to quickly fix some pesky errors that are holding you back. For example, now I know that I've been telling everyone that I don't have a girlfriend incorrectly. Sigh. What I should be saying is, Wǒ méiyou nǚ péngyǒu! Learn how to say that you work in a certain city or that you'll meet someone tomorrow as a native would. Even seasoned learners can benefit from these quick fixes.
Answers to Chinese Language Riddles
Learn why Chinese speakers sometimes mix up she and he. I’ve been wondering… Our lovely teacher gives the goods in just a few seconds, meaning that you’ll never be perplexed by these kinds of questions ever again! Check out the ‘Why do Chinese sometimes mix up ‘She’ with ‘He’? TikTok video for the answer.
We know your time is precious. Make every minute count with Mandarin House and TikTok. Follow @mandarinhouse on TikTok today


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