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Learning Mandarin is not as difficult as some people might think– let Mandarin House prove it!

Mandarin House offers a range of Beginners Courses to accommodate all budgets, schedules and learning styles!

Our classroom learning will advance your studies faster than studying alone or simply practicing with Chinese-speaking friends. Quality training will build your basic knowledge of Mandarin so that you can truly embrace and enjoy the language!

Established in 2004, Mandarin House is one of the first private Mandarin Schools in China. Also it’s the ONLY school in China recognized as Internationally Accredited by IALC. Mandarin House has over 200 qualified and fully trained teachers nationwide with an average Chinese teaching experience of 5,000 hours. We have created a variety of Chinese learning courses from beginner level to HSK 6: different courses to fit different needs!

Apply now for the Mandarin Beginner’s Course at Mandarin House and get ready to your journey of Chinese!



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