Mandarin House e-FlashCards Will Help You Reach the Next Level


Are e-FlashCards part of your study toolbox? They should be! e-FlashCards are a time-tested method of moving important information from the online classroom into the brain, and they're perfect for language learning. Mandarin House e-FlashCards are an essential tool to help you remember hundreds of the most frequently used words, as well as useful everyday phrases.

Why do e-FlashCards work so well? Well, you know how practice makes perfect? Strategic repetition drills things into your memory, like when you repeat someone's name after meeting them, or sing Uptown Funk for the millionth time. e-FlashCards encourage active recall, which creates stronger neural connections in the brain. This means you'll remember things better, longer.
When it comes to your e-FlashCard needs, Mandarin House has you covered!
Large, clear Chinese characters and pinyin
Sample sentences to explain usage
High-quality pictures help to improve memory retention
Survival-level Mandarin vocabulary and grammar
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