New Year’s Day in China








The first day of January or New Year's Day is called Yuan Dan. "Yuan" means “beginning” and “Dan” means day. Yuan Dan in China is a national holiday that people take off from work.

January 1st represents the whole life, so many Chinese people will choose to get married on New Year's Day. Older generations will take advantage of the New Year's holiday to clean-up at home, dress well, and begin the new year. Adults who are usually busy working will also take this time to visit relatives and friends to express good wishes for the new year. For businesses, New Year's Day is a good time to attract people to the mall where they prepare for the new year by buying things at a discount.

New Year's Day is not nearly as important as Chinese New Year, but it still has its place in Chinese society. Everyone has his own way of spending the holiday, but the most important thing is to be happy when starting the new year.

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