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Any carpenter will tell you that the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Not a carpenter? Me neither. But the principle stands that if you're embarking on a project of any size or duration, like learning Mandarin, having the best learning tools will help you succeed. Mandarin House is here to make sure that you've got what you need.


Start Talking With
'Chinese for Communication'
A series of 10 books dedicated to helping learners get off and running, these tools are designed to help Mandarin students of all skill levels to strengthen their linguistic abilities. Are you focusing on grammar and vocabulary? Or maybe you're more interested in reading and writing. You'll find a variety of effective teaching methods that will make you a better communicator in your learned language.
Hone Your Reading Skills
The 'Chinese Characters' series consists of four books that cover more than 1000 of the most important and frequently used characters. If you're trying to improve your reading skills, this series is a must! A breakdown of each character, where their meaning is derived from, and how to reproduce them on your own will make learning characters a snap. The engaging visuals will engrave these new words into your memory.
Flash Definitely Allowed
If you haven't used flash cards as a memory device before, you've been missing out. Tried and tested and not the least bit antiquated, flash cards are as useful today as they were 100 years ago. Mandarin House 'Chinese Flash Cards' are an essential tool to help you remember 485 of the most frequently used words, as well as 15 everyday sentences.
HSK Books to the Rescue
How can you prepare for the all-important HSK exam? We've got your back. Mandarin House produces a series of 6 books to help you get ready. Each textbook has examples of previous exam papers, answers for your reference, and audio files. You'll find out what to expect on exam day, be able to self-examine to see where you're at, and be helped to improve your overall confidence so that you can be your best self when you finally take the test.
Improve Your Teaching Skills
Are you planning to teach Chinese? Or maybe you already are. Teaching can be incredibly rewarding, especially when equipped with the appropriate tools and best methods. The Mandarin House 'Chinese Teacher Training' series helps current and future teachers master language theory and learn how to employ scientifically-proven teaching methods.
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