2020 New Year Special Offer

Celebrate 2020 New Year! Improve your Chinese! Learn Chinese with Mandarin House Online or Offline Chinese Courses - Earn up to 3500rmb Gift Certificate! 

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Mandarin House Online Courses and Chinese Schools in Shanghai, and Beijing are now running a special program – In January, Share the Joy ~ Refer Friends to Learn Chinese with Mandarin House online or offline Chinese Courses...

Start Celebrating Your New Year & Spring Festival With Mandarin House!


Tuition more than 5,000rmb Earn ¥500 Gift Certificate
Tuition more than10,000rmb Earn ¥1200 Gift Certificate
Tuition more than 15,000rmb Earn ¥2200 Gift Certificate
Tuition more than 20,000rmb Earn ¥3500 Gift Certificate


E-learning Chinese Courses

- Made easy for navigation
- Free trial to see how classes are conducted online
- One-on-one instruction
- Certified Mandarin House teachers
- All courses are learning outcome oriented

Face to Face Chinese Courses

* Small classes or private tutoring
* International students mix
* Learn practical and essential skills
* After class activities and excursions
* Flexible intake and start dates
Private Tutoring
Private tutoring can be arranged for 1 to 1 or a small group of colleagues, friends or family.
Intensive Group Course
The intensive group course will allow students to dedicate ample time for language study with an assortment of lesson plans keying in on all 4 areas of language learning (listening, writing, reading, and speaking). In addition to that, acquiring knowledge in Chinese culture and history along the way.
Part-time Group Course
Our part-time course focuses on improving student's conversational skills and allows them to learn in a comfortable and friendly environment. Study time that can be scheduled during nights and weekends. Perfect for students that want to take their Chinese learning to the next level but can’t take the class in a normal weekday time frame.
E-learning Course
We have incorporated successful teaching methods, school materials, and our experienced teachers onto E-learning platform. Here students can choose from an array of different courses that are best for them and allows students to accelerate their learning process at their own pace from home. No need to download or install software. Simply log in and greet your teacher.  
It's vital to be enrolled in a language course that's fitting. Choosing a course with Mandarin House is sure to place you in the right position to excel as a student. Our consultants are standing by to discuss the best options for you. Contact us now for greater details.
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