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Want to learn Chinese before you move to China? Want to follow up your Chinese after your return from China? Want to learn Chinese during your trip? Mandarin House’s online Chinese language course is the best choice for your needs!

We have over 200 professional and fully trained teachers at Mandarin House with an average Chinese teaching experience of
 5,000 hours. Excellent Chinese teachers will deliver your classes using Skype with a flexible schedule and effective teaching methods. The 1-on-1 learning atmosphere allows the teacher to structure the class according to your needs and goals. So you can study Chinese online anytime and everywhere! Our personalized online Chinese language courses are made for your lifestyle, whether you are considering a visit to china, you just returned home, or you are on a trip. We help you get prepared before you arrive to China. Even if you are a busy traveler who is not stationed in one spot, you can also start your Chinese language learning. So apply now for your online Chinese language lessons at Mandarin House! Start a great Chinese experience with us!

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Any Time, Any Place. Learn Chinese on your schedule anywhere in the world from qualified, well trained Mandarin House teachers.

Four group lessons a day focusing on Chinese general conversational skills as well as an additional daily private lesson to cover business Chinese or any other topic of interest such as Chinese history, culture, HSK preparation etc.

Characters are an essential part of Chinese culture and by learning them you get a deeper understanding of the language. It will also help you master Chinese faster.



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