亲 (qīn) Darling


qin darling


"亲 (qīn) Darling" is a special word used as a greeting first in Taobao.

"亲 (qīn) Darling" is short for "亲爱的(qīn'ài de) Dear darling."

"亲 (qīn) Darling" is used by Taobao sales means "亲爱的顾客 (qīn'ài de gùkè) dear customer" or "亲爱的朋友 (qīn'ài de péngyou) dear friend.” It’s used to create a very friendly, casual and intimate relationship.

Today, people use this greeting in their daily life, for example:

"亲,能 帮 我 个 忙 吗?
Qīn, néng bāng wǒ ge máng ma?
Darling, could you please do me a favor?

“亲, 别 忘了 明天 的 中文 课 哦。”
Qīn, bié wàngle míngtiān de _______________ o.
Darling, don’t forget tomorrow’s Chinese class.

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