Real-life Chinese! Are you ready?


“What is a good way to learn Chinese? If it’s practical for your life, then you’ll remember it more easily,” says teacher Stanley Sun from Mandarin House.

“We have developed our own structured, holistic curriculum based on the fundamental principle of providing real-life Chinese communication training,” he continues. Get to know the essentials.

Do you know how to order food, buy a Chinese cell phone or rent an apartment?

Do you know what to say to buy a public transportation ticket or to open a bank account?

“When you arrive to China you need to get the basic practical Chinese

skills to solve all your first daily life issues,” recommends Eric Mei teacher from Mandarin House. “That is why we focus on these kind of topics, the students are going to practice for sure!,” he assures.

Always updating


Mandarin House self-developed materials are brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEF levels. They are designed to introduce students to daily life conversation as quick as possible and they are regularly updated based on the feedback from students and teachers.

Actually, Mandarin House has a separate Education Department in charge of the publication and revision of the teaching materials and curriculum, teacher training and content development, always ready to make the most of your time while learning Chinese.


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