Summer Camp Kids Share their Experience! - Farewell messages


Summer is coming to an end, as well as 2012 Summer Camp edition.

This year, about 100 kids aged between 7 and 16 years from all over the world joined Mandarin House Summer Camp and shared an unforgettable adventure in a safe, fun, full immersion environment, getting to know more about Chinese life through Mandarin lessons, cultural workshops, activities and excursions.

Some of them left a final message to share with everybody their experience at Mandarin House!


- I most liked the friendly teachers and friends. I also liked laughing in class. Gilliam is funny, Veronica likes making up new sentences, Anna likes being silly and Alexandra is unintelligent. FUN! - LAURA      

- This is the best place in China. I learned a HUGE amount of Chinese and also made lots of friends here. Exursions were so fun and the weather was just perfect - SONIO KUM

- 我希望我可以回来.- 甘城志

- Mandarin house is awesome and so much fun, I made lots of new friends and learned a lot. I probably come back next year for more than I stayed this year - KAPUR                                              

- I have made really good friends. Mandarin house has a very child-friendly learning environment and lovely teachers - ALESSANDRA

- I had a really good time here and I improved my Chinese. Thanks to刘迪老师。 I am also happy to have met friends from all around the world - ANGELINA

- 谢谢美和汉语!明年见!再见!- VERONICA

- The first day I came to Mandarin house I was kind of scared, because I couldn’t speak a word in Chinese. But after three weeks, I have learned so many things. I know how to buy, how to speak with somebody, and I met so many good friends, who helped me such as Anne and Beni. I would specially thank teacher LINCHAI and Evan who have been so kind and patient with me and my classmates. I will miss you all - ABRIL

- I really enjoyed the summer camp. The people were great. I saw a panda!! - YORDAN

- Thank you Mandarin House. It was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed my trip to China. It is a lovely country with lovely history. I definitely want to come back again! - PAVEL

See you next year!!


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