China's Unforgettable Summer Camp is here!

Summer is almost here and Mandarin House is hosting again its famous Summer Camp for kids and teens between 7 and 16 years. Every year 100’s of students from all over the world attend Mandarin House summer camps to learn Chinese, experience traditional and modern Shanghai, make international friends and have the summer of a lifetime!

Since 2004 Mandarin House hosts every summer Chinese camps in Shanghai, which provide a wonderful opportunity for kids and teens from 7 to 16 years old with an unforgettable learning experience and a valuable head-start for their future.

Experienced teachers use a teaching method that combines all aspects and skills of language in an interactive way that makes Chinese learning productive and interesting for your child.     

Learning Chinese and then practicing in its native environment increases the speed and quality of learning. For this reason Mandarin House Shanghai Summer Camp complements Chinese lessons with cultural workshops, projects, sports, trips and excursions.

Dedicated full-time employees and teachers form the summer camp staff team and are united by one goal: to make your child's summer enjoyable possible!

Our Shanghai summer camp is located in the center of Shanghai at People's Square and right next to one of Asia's premier boulevards and shopping destinations in Nanjing Road.



  1. Total immersion Chinese learning environment
  2. Safety first and safety always
  3. Language lessons are complemented by cultural workshops, art projects, sports, trips and excursions, creating a varied, unforgettable experience
  4. Carefully selected camp directors, coordinators and monitors based on their experience, expertise and, above all, dedication to each student
  5. Mandarin House’s self-developed curriculum; designed specifically for children to learn Chinese as quick as possible and as fun as possible!



Residence Camp for Teens 13-16 yrs
- Living & studying together 24 hours a day in a total immersion environment

Homestay for Young Adults 13-16 yrs
- Study at school and live with a Chinese family. Day Camp for Kids 7 to 16 yrs
- Students take part in classes and weekday activities, and stay with their families during evenings and weekends

Family Package
- Specially designed for parents who travel with their children

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