Summer Vacation in China


In China, the summer vacation typically begins around mid-July, though some schools will break up as early as late June. The vacation period lasts for about 2 months, which students can spend doing different things.

Summer 夏天 xiàtiān
Summer Vacation 暑假 shǔjià
Summer camp 夏令营 xiàlìngyíng

chinese summer vacation

The summer months are the perfect time to travel to other parts of China, for instance Tibet where the weather is at its mildest in this period and visitors will have a chance to enjoy the festivals that take place at this time. Families also choose to visit the beach, cities such as Qingdao and Xiamen, as well as nearby Shenjiamen offer city dwellers a chance to catch some rays by the sea. Holiday goers might also head all the way down to Hainan to bask in the white sand beaches of the island. People who choose to stick around the big cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, will be suitably entertained by the great outdoor venues that will be taking place.

The summer months are also a great time to get ahead on your study. With the Summer Chinese Language program, you’ll complete the equivalent of one year of university-level Chinese coursework at one of the country’s most prestigious universities. Students can spend this summer immersed in a dynamic language learning environment that compels you to explore beyond the classroom.

Mandarin House Summer programs are for children aged between 7 to 19 years. The school receives 100’s of children from many different nationalities each year. Mandarin House also provides a summer intensive course and a HSK crash course for adults. So if you want to make a big step in Chinese learning on your summer vacation, Mandarin House is your best choice.

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