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With the remaining downtime, have you thought of learning Mandarin online? Here's what you'll experience with Mandarin House online classes. We know you'll love it!
Personalized Instruction Amazing Results
D*** Fujiwara, Japan
Thanks to my awesome teacher, because she regularly sends me homework after each class, and she also corrects my pronunciation which helps me be more confident that I'm speaking the correct way. I'm really satisfied with Mandarin House's online courses and hope to continue learning Chinese!
Z***Koziolek, Poland
I highly recommend Mandarin House to anybody who would like to start their journey learning the Chinese language. The school's online platform allows students to choose their own teachers, which is what I did. And perhaps the best part is that I can learn Chinese online regardless of where I live. I gave it a try and don't regret for a second!
J*** Nischan, Germany
The highly flexible, caring and organized staff is extraordinary. I started off attending group classes, then due to the Corona virus my schedule was switched right away to online classes. At first it seemed out of reach to become confident with the language. But the teachers at Mandarin House taught me how to best learn a language from scratch. I am most impressed by how much dedication and passion the teachers put into their teaching. Additionally, the multicultural environment is beyond anything I had experienced prior to my attendance at the Mandarin House.
Class Specific All Here
Mandarin House online classes give you the opportunity to learn Chinese from real teachers.
Enjoy one-on-one lessons with the best teachers. You even get to choose the teacher you want to study with.
Study when you want to! Our flexible schedule and favorite teacher gives you the freedom to choose the most convenient times for your lessons.
Get access to course materials before the lesson to help you prepare. You can review it after your lesson is done too. This means that your learning starts before your class does and can continue long after it's finished.
A customized learning experience allows you to shape the curriculum to help meet your needs and achieve your goals. Lessons should be tailored to the learner, and at Mandarin House they are.
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Enjoy a free trial lesson to see what it's all about. That way you can be sure that our online classes are a good fit before you get started.

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