What’s the difference between 希望 (xīwàng) and 愿望 (yuànwàng)?


Most students of the Mandarin language will likely have met these two words.  They have a slightly similar meaning so can get a little confusing.   Read our short explanations below and feel free to ask us questions:

希望 (xīwàng)
●希望 (xīwàng), can be used as a noun or a verb and in both cases the meaning and use is similar to the English word “hope,” for example:
●As a noun希望 (xīwàng), can become the object of a verb, for example:

愿望 (yuànwàng)
●愿望 (yuànwàng) can only be used as a noun.  Do not use it as a verb (remember this HSK students).
●愿望 (yuànwàng), is very similar to the English nouns “wish” or “desire,” for example:

For students of Chinese hoping to take the HSK test it is important to learn the difference between these to word so, so if you have any questions please ask us here

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