fish and bear's paw楸间笌鐔婃帉涓嶅彲鍏煎緱

y煤 y菙 xi贸ng zh菐ng b霉 k臎 ji膩n d茅


You can't have both fish and bear's paw: In order to get something, you have to sacrifice something else.

楸 meaning fish, Fish in China is so important symbol. A fish dish is an indispensible part of every Chinese family鈥檚 New Year鈥檚 Eve feast. In China, fish and fortune are finely intertwined.
涓 meaning and.
鐔婃帉 meaning bear's paw. It`s a high-grade food in the past, and now usually means precious wealth.
涓嶅彲 meaning can`t.
鍏煎緱 meaning get them both.

You must choose one or the other.
You can't always get everything you want.
You can't have your cake and eat it.
You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk.
You cannot burn the candle at both ends.

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