Name: Katarína Jánošová
Country: Slovakia
Occupation: Student
Languages: Slovak, German, English, Spanish
Interests: Dancing, swimming, horse riding

“Use all the opportunities to speak with Chinese people, and stay at a host family!”

Q. Why are you learning Chinese?

A. I decided to learn Chinese, because it will help me to open different important future opportunities, as China’s economy is developing so fast. I also wanted to do something special.

Q. How are you finding your studies in China and what do you think about Mandarin House?
A. I think the teachers here are really professional. All the people working here are very kind and helpful.

Q. What tips would you give to students who are planning to study in China?
A. I would tell them to stay here as long as possible, because Chinese really needs time. They should use all the opportunities to speak with Chinese people, and if possible stay at a host family!

Q. What is your favorite Chinese food?
A. Before coming, I thought I wouldn’t like Chinese food, but so far, everything I ate was wonderful.

Q. How difficult/easy was it to adjust to life in China?
A. I love travelling and already have experience meeting different cultures, so I’m not having any difficulties.

Q. What was your biggest culture shock?
A. I didn’t have any, but what I really don’t like here is the air...I don’t know if it’s better to open window or keep the “fresh air” inside my room.

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