Student Reviews

Name: Rebecca
Country: USA
Languages Spoken: English

Watch our student Rebecca, talk about how she has learnt Chinese and hear some of her tips and suggestions.  [More]

Name: Stuart
Country: USA
Languages Spoken: English

Our brilliant student Stuart below has only been studying at Mandarin House for two months and he is already speaking some fantastic Chinese.  [More]

Name: Michael Chen
Country: USA
Languages Spoken: English
Occupation: Intern

"You shouldn't criticise China for being different as an outsider, but instead try and understand the reasons why." [More]

Name: Daniel Contreras
Country: Venezuela
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, German, French


"Learning the language is just the way to be able to understand Chinese culture. Mandarin House definitely makes it better; thanks to their work and motivation they give students the best learning environment" [More]

Name: Greg Barrett
Country: Canada
Occupation: Chartered Accountant
Interests: Bing qi (Ice hockey), huxu (ski), travel, attempting to learn Chinese.    

"Mandarin House is the best place to learn Chinese!" [More]

Name: Alexander Wilk
Country: Myanmar
Occupation: Astronaut
Languages spoken: English

"Students should take more school activities that you could learn more useful phrases." [More]

Name: Sawitree Laoprapassorn
Country: Thailand
Interests: Reading books, surfing internet    

"In class the teacher always encouraged me to speak" [More]

Name: Mohamad Sabbah
Country: Jordan
Occupation: Legal assistant
Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French
Interests: Cultural and historical studies, travelling, martial arts and cooking

"Everything was awesome and I couldn't ask for a better host family." [More]

Name: Nicki Haldane
Country: Australia
Occupation: Teacher
Interests: Reading , Movies, Travel, Walking, Studying Chinese    

"We have learned so much in such a short time" [More]

Name: Annie Duncan
Country: Australia
Occupaton: Scientist
Interests: Art House movies, learning languages, sitting on boards of not-for-profit organizations.  

"I love learning Chinese" [More]


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