Student Reviews

Name: Ida Angerbjorn
Country: Sweden
Occupation: Student
Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, English


“I think Chinese is a very good language to learn to get ready for my future” [More]

Name: Angelika Molnar
Country: Switzerland
Occupation: Traveler
Languages: German, English, French, Hungarian
Interests: Traveling, languages, volleyball

“My Chinese improved way more than I thought it would”

Name: Álex Guiu De Moreta
Country: Spain
Occupation: Student
Languages: Spanish, English
Interests: Find a good job, get to know Asia and learn Chinese

“I like languages and I think Chinese will be useful to find a job and doing business” [More]

Name: Elena Benvegnù
Country: Italy
Occupation: Manager in Maritime Container Industry
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
Interests: Movies, ski, languages, work

"Adjusting life in China can be very challenging, but just give you some time and you’ll feel at home!" [More]

Name: Mark Hsien-Chuan Liu
Country: United States
Occupation: Tech Support/ Real Estate
Languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish
Interests: Taijiquan 

"My studies at Mandarin House were fine" [More]


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