Student Reviews

Name: Dillwyn Jaye
Country: Australia
Occupation: Teacher
Languages: English, German, Russian
Interests: Music, Walking, Learning Chinese!

"Remember that nobody can do the learning for you, so be prepared" [More]

Name: Kim Iskandar
Country: Australia
Languages spoken: Indonesian, English, French, Japanese
Interests: Music, Fine Food & Wine, Yoga, Languages

"Every moment is a chance to practice and have a great time"  [More]

Name: Taras M. Czebiniak
Country: United States
Occupation: Student
Interests: travel, classical music, reading, SCUBA diving, watching tv   

"It was a rewarding challenge to balance my studies with exploration of the city." [More]

Name: Nadege Lespinasse
Country: United States
Occupation: Project Manager
Interests: Traveling, shopping, white water rafting    

"I would not have gotten as far had I not come to china" [More]

Name: Coman Mihaela Alcmena
Country: Canada
Occupaton: dance teacher & model
Interests: Dancing, swimming and reading    

"Being in China helps me learn mandarin much faster." [More]

Name: Brett Dubroy
Country: Canada
Occupation: Software Architect
Languages spoken: English, French

"I had an absolutely fantastic experience studying in China" [More]

Name: Jeffrey Cheng
Country: United States
Occupation: Engineer
interests: travel, handball    

"Bring an adventurous spirit and make time for sightseeing." [More]

Name: Chris Bell
Country: United States
Occupation: Consultant
Interests: Travel, hiking, reading, playing rugby

"Get ready to work hard and have fun" [More]

Name: Tom Cowart
Country: United States
Occupation: Real Estate Appraiser
Languages spoken: English
Interests: Fishing, Reading

"Don’t be afraid to go into the street/public alone and start talking Chinese" [More]

Name: Rodolfo Cavalcanti
Country: Brazil
Occupation: Systems Analyst
Interests: roller skates, bicycle, guitar, movies

"I think that the best way to come and study here is to lodge with a host family." [More]


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