Name: Kim Iskandar
Country: Australia
Languages spoken: Indonesian, English, French, Japanese
Interests: Music, Fine Food & Wine, Yoga, Languages

"Every moment is a chance to practice and have a great time"   

Q: Is this your first time in China?
No, I have been to China several times as a tourist with my family.

Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
I really love it! The best part about studying the language in the country where it's spoken is that what you learn in class in the morning can directly be used that evening on the streets. It's also really fun, discovering new people, new places and having completely new experiences. I feel so fortunate to be here.

Q: What program did you enroll in? Has the program been what you expected?
: I enrolled for the intensive course covering spoken and written Chinese for 2 months. I actually didn't expect to learn so much in such a short period of time. I like the way the lessons are structured and the way my laoshi teaches. After being here for 3 weeks, I feel that I have quite a satisfactory grip on survival Chinese.

Q: What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
The never ending mass of people streaming up and down Nanjing Lu day and night - where do they all come from?? Also the fact that there is always something new to discover. I wish I had the money to explore and discover everything in Shanghai.

Q: Tell us a few of your most memorable experiences in China so far?
Getting a haircut on the 5th day in Shanghai was a scary yet exciting experience. I mean, you can barely communicate with the hairdresser so I had to really surrender to her scissors and imagination. Turned out well though. Giving the taxi driver proper instructions for the first time to get back to my apartment was also such a simple but satisfying experience. (Using all the things I learnt in class in the real world!)

Q: What advice/tips would you give to future students who plan to study in China?
Be as open minded as possible, every moment is a chance to practice and have a great time.

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