Student Reviews

Name: Nicki Haldane
Country: Australia
Occupation: Teacher
Interests: Reading , Movies, Travel, Walking, Studying Chinese    

"We have learned so much in such a short time" [More]

Name: Annie Duncan
Country: Australia
Occupaton: Scientist
Interests: Art House movies, learning languages, sitting on boards of not-for-profit organizations.  

"I love learning Chinese" [More]

Name: Dillwyn Jaye
Country: Australia
Occupation: Teacher
Languages: English, German, Russian
Interests: Music, Walking, Learning Chinese!

"Remember that nobody can do the learning for you, so be prepared" [More]

Name: Kim Iskandar
Country: Australia
Languages spoken: Indonesian, English, French, Japanese
Interests: Music, Fine Food & Wine, Yoga, Languages

"Every moment is a chance to practice and have a great time"  [More]

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