Name: Annie Duncan
Country: Australia
Occupaton: Scientist
Interests: Art House movies, learning languages, sitting on boards of not-for-profit organizations.   

"I love learning Chinese"

Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
I love learning Chinese. We learn so much more doing an intensive course in the country than 1.5 hrs/week in Australia .

Q: What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
The contrast. We knew the western are very modern life and just next door the very Chinese and quite ancient culture still alive. It is fascinating I find the Chinese people very friendly very helpful to waiguoren.

Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
For me, coming to stay in China is quite a shock. I suggest students do some Chinese study (however little) helpful coming here. The shock of a new country+ new school is very great.

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